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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Patient Gateway?
    • Patient Gateway is an online patient portal that gives patients access to securely message their Partners HealthCare provider, request routine appointments, prescriptions and referral authorizations as well as view test results that were processed at a Partners HealthCare facility.
  • Logging in to Partners Patient Gateway
  • Enrolling in Partners Patient Gateway
    • How do I enroll in Partners Patient Gateway?
      • If you are a new user to Patient Gateway, go to www.patientgateway.org and click "Enroll Now" to begin the enrollment process.
        Your account will be activated once you:
        1. Confirm your identity
        2. Create a username, password, and security question
        3. Agree to our terms and conditions
      • Accounts for patients under the age of 18 must be associated with the account of a parent or guardian. This process cannot be completed online. To enroll a patient under the age of 18, please visit the patient’s doctor’s office. See ‘Can I enroll someone other than myself?’ below for additional help.
      • If you have any trouble enrolling, please contact Technical Support for assistance using the Technical Support link on the right side of this screen.
      • This video walks users who received an activation email through the Patient Gateway enrollment process.
      • This video walks users who are interested in self-initiating enrollment in Patient Gateway through the enrollment process.
    • Can I enroll someone other than myself?
      • No, please see "How can I get access to another person’s Patient Gateway account?"
    • How can I get access to another person’s Patient Gateway?
      • You can become a Patient Care Representative (PCR) for another individual. Becoming a PCR will allow you to have single Patient Gateway account with access to your information, as well as anyone you are a PCR for.
        For example, a parent may become a PCR for their child, or an adult may become a PCR for their parent. Access to a teen patient is limited.
        Note: A PCR must be at least 18 years old.
    • How do I become a Patient Care Representative (PCR)?
      • To become a PCR, you must first fill out and sign a PCR form at the doctor's office of the patient. If the patient is 13 years of age or older, both the PCR and the patient must sign the PCR form. The doctor's office can then create the account. Access to a teen patient is limited.
        Note: A PCR must be at least 18 years old.

        If you already have a Patient Gateway account, you will continue to use the same username and password. If you do not already have a Patient Gateway account, you will be given enrollment instructions by the doctor’s office or you can select enroll now from the login page and set up your account without an activation code.
    • What is my activation code? How does it differ from my password or medical record number?
      • Your activation code is a temporary code that helps you create your Patient Gateway account and link your medical information to this account.
      • Your password is created by you to securely log in to Patient Gateway. If you forgot your password, click the "Forgot Password?" link on the login screen.
      • Your medical record number is assigned by your doctor’s office. If you do not know this number, please contact your doctor’s office or the registration office.
    • I just completed the steps for enrolling in Patient Gateway. Now what?
      • I enrolled online
        If you enrolled online and successfully completed the enrollment, then log in with the username and password you created during enrollment. You are all set!
      • I enrolled online, but the screen says I need to wait for an email. Now what?
        If you enrolled online but did not successfully complete the enrollment process, your enrollment request was submitted to the enrollment staff for processing. They may contact you to confirm your identity. You will then receive an email with a link to complete your enrollment. This may take 3-5 business days.
      • I enrolled at my doctor's office
        If you enrolled at your doctor's office, check for an email or text message and complete enrollment using the link provided.
    • How do I cancel my Patient Gateway account?
      • If you would like to cancel your Patient Gateway account, contact Technical Support for assistance using the link on the right side of this screen and request your account to be removed.
  • Understanding System Requirements
  • Viewing and paying my bills
    • Can I pay my bill using Patient Gateway?
      • Yes. If you have an active Patient Gateway account and your provider uses online billing, you will be able to pay your bill online.

    • Can I pay a bill for another patient using Patient Gateway?
      • To pay a bill for another patient using Patient Gateway, you must have been listed as the patient's guarantor on the date of the appointment. A guarantor is the person who is financially responsible for the visit. In most cases patients over 18 years of age are considered their own guarantor. If you are looking to pay a bill for another person who is over the age of 18, the payment can be mailed in or paid over the phone. Please contact the billing department for more information.

    • Who do I contact if I have a question about my bill?
      • Patient Gateway Technical Support does not have access to billing information and cannot assist with billing questions. If you have billing related questions, please call the phone number on your billing statement.

        Please see additional contact information below.

        Partners HealthCare617-726-3884
        Boston Dermatology and Laser Center617-722-4100
        Boston Eye Surgery and Laser Center - Boston508-534-7583
        Boston Eye Surgery and Laser Center - Plymouth508-534-6027
        Boston Eye Surgery and Laser Center - Cape Cod508-534-6027
        Boston Health Care for Women Inc617-739-1151
        Boston West Cardiology781-894-1199
        Cape Cod Eye Surgery and Laser Center508-534-6027
        Centre Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine857-282-1300
        Commonwealth Obstetrics and Gynecology855-871-7324
        Commonwealth Radiology Associates617-726-4272
        Dana-Farber Cancer Institute866-408-4669
        Dermatology Consultants at Newton Wellesley617-969-0210
        Edward Busick M.D.781-647-0855
        Essex Neurological Associates978-532-8010
        Eye Center of the North Shore978-599-1871
        Family Care Associates781-235-1606
        Gastroenterology Health Care617-969-1227
        HandSurgery PC857-282-1100
        Howard Goldberg M.D.781-598-4040
        Krauss Dermatology781-416-3500
        Levinson-Harris Medical Group857-282-1200
        Martin Richler M.D.781-891-1447
        Massachusetts Eye and Ear617-573-3135
        Medical Associates of Greater Boston508-820-8383
        Micro Surgical Eye Consultants978-531-4400
        New England Ear Nose and Throat617-910-0368
        New England Hematology Oncology617-658-6050
        New England Orthopedic Specialists857-238-6367
        Newton Wellesley Eye Associates617-964-1050x19
        Newton Wellesley Dermatology781-237-4827
        Newton Wellesley OB GYN617-332-2345
        Newton Wellesley Urology PC617-643-1700
        North End Waterfront Health Center617-643-8800
        North Shore Cardiovascular Associates866-832-6946
        Opthalmaic Consultants of Boston800-649-0733
        Orthopedics New England508-655-0471
        Pediatric Associates of Wellesley781-736-0040
        Pediatric Health at Chestnut Hill617-244-6000
        Plymouth Laser and Surgery Center508-534-6027
        Professional Services617-724-7748
        Putnoi Eye Care (Waltham)781-894-2020
        Putnoi Eye Care (Wellesley)781-235-5100
        Root Family Medicine508-465-3434
        Saltzman Urology617-332-0116
        Sanphy Podiatry Group781-596-0703
        Wellesley Primary Care Medicine781-431-2345
        Wellesley Womens Care617-965-4120
        Xuan Zhang M.D.617-527-5528

        Note: The billing function in Partners Patient Gateway is not available on all accounts.

If your question is not answered, click here to contact Partners Patient Gateway Technical Support

If your question is not answered click here to contact Partners Patient Gateway Technical Support.